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Bride throwing cat

Ira and Jad had the same philosophy towards story telling. They both liked to have a sequence to their story with limited jumping around in time. In my write up of the two, I reference how I thought this was a good foundation for telling a good story, linking Pulp Fictions (jumping around in time) sequence to the opposite of their teachings. A good example would be Forrest Gump or Goodfellas. Keep an order and the story flowing, helps the listener grasps what is taking place. Also it helps them want to know what is going to happen next.

The stories I heard were “Remember the Baby”, “Failing” and “The Third Party”. Out of the three I liked “The Third Party” the most. It was suspenseful and kept me interested. The music fit well with the story, the characters were a little more developed (maybe because it was the longest one I heard) and the conclusion was not foreseen (at least to me it wasn’t). I liked “Remember the Baby” the least. Probably because I thought the women in that story was weak and not a nurturing person. She essentially had a stroke from yelling at the top of her lungs at a child who was crying. At the end, when she is in the hospital she wants to hold the child and be good to it for helping her survive the stroke. I thought that was strange, you can’t change that fast (meaning you can’t go from a person incapable of nurturing and caring for a child to what she became).

I left a comment on schizophrenicamid page. He had some pretty dark writings so I didn’t want to rock the boat per say. I just offered words of encouragement and affirmations. I commented on the student whose page is named “The little things in life” also. On hers I just spoke about how I wish I had a more fuel efficient car. Lastly I commented on “The song remains the same” mainly I just shared my thoughts on how the class is going for me and how I do things. So far all my comments have come from spammers I think (with the exception of yours of course), so I am waiting to hear from classmates on how bad or quasi decent they think the things I have done are.

Looking back at what I learned this week, I can say that I am learning exponentially more (on how to work with various programs and sites) than I ever have. Just basic tools I never knew existed that come installed on a computer have blown my mind, and are very easy to use (user interface wise). I hope my work is getting better, by the end of this course I anticipate not being a computer illiterate. Which I find strange that I consider myself that now. When I was in the Navy all I did was work with programs, searched and reported on bad guys from my results from using those programs. I guess there is a big difference in being told you have to know how to use something and learning how to do it for a grade.

My two assignment ideas:

  1. Create a funny lost and found sign and take a picture of you hanging it up on a bulletin board or tree.
  2. Create a photo collage/slide show to your favorite song, with pictures that you feel capture the meaning behind the song.



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