TV on the Radio?

After listening to Ira and Jad, I was able to connect the dots as to why I thought a movie was bad and why I thought a movie was good (all things being even). All things being even, meaning the thesis of the film was decent, Ira pointed out regarding radio (which I think relates directly to TV) a story has to have building blocks. It can’t just throw information out of context at you and expect you to care about what is going to happen next, or hold your attention. For example the story in the film Pulp Fiction, the story teller (director) took entire scenes from the film and cut them up ad placed them in different orders in the film. Pulp Fiction was a great hit with the counter culture crowd but failed miserably to hold the attention of critics and the general public. The Hangover 2 & 3, neither film had a moment of reflection, that is to say it never raised questions thus the film was awful. The story never made the viewer wonder, and at the end none of the building blocks Ira laid out were met.

Jad focused more on how to capture the imagination of the listener. Growing up I remember listening to Brent Musberger voice on the radio. Many times I was sitting in a dear blind with my dad wishing I was at the game he was broadcasting instead. Many of the things Jad spoke about, such as dialogue balance, creating a visual picture of the atmosphere of the game, allowing the listener to visually see what he was describing etc. Brent did that for me. More times than not I would be listening to Brent and visually seeing myself at the game and be surrounded by the images he placed in my imagination. Because of Brent, deer hunting on Saturday mornings wasn’t so bad.