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No matter how hard he tries, he is still bat shit crazy to me.

No matter how hard he tries, he is still bat shit crazy to me.


We all know who Ted Cruz is by now, if you didn’t, he is that other crazy bastard from Texas who wants to be President. He says more selfish, back wards, not coalition building stuff than any other candidate (including Rand Paul). He has a huge base with he Tea Party crowd (a majority of which is comprised on no educated southern Caucasians), but other than that he is a dog and pony show who has no real intention of winning a national election or even a single primary state.

Hit-men softball gang

Hit-men Softball Gang2

Wanted LJ Galvan for assisting in the brutal beating

of Team Atlanta in the finals.


Wanted Rick P. for the aiding and abetting the massacre that took place in Panama City two summers ago.



Wanted Chris H. for slaughtering the ball over 15 times in 10 games!


Wanted Dalton H. for giving hope to opposing teams, that they can hit it in his direction and get on base.

  • 6For a more clearer version of the connections please refer to poster board here> This assignment is suspect. The crime this team and the captains are:
  • killing peoples dreams
  • slaughtering a round ball
  • giving hope to opponents and ripping it away from them
  • and massacring entire squads of men