Love at first shot

Here is a pic of two french children exchanging their first gift to each other. Around this time they begin to play a game that they can only say “game” too. Meaning they have to say yes I am game to do that. Essentially it is truth or dare with out the truth. As they grow into their twenties they continue this game they started with each other as children, one time he dared her not to come around for a year, and once she dared him to not come around for ten. They both did it. After spending years apart from the person they truly love they come back together (second photo) and decide they do not ever want to go a day with out seeing each other again (just like when they were school children).





Summarize a Film You Have Never Seen Before

After seeing the trailer to this particular movie, I figured I pretty much summed up the gist of it and there was no reason for me to watch it.

The trailer starts with a slightly geeky but attractive female bumbling here way through the scene and catching the eye of a seemingly interested guy in a suit. Next clip is of them making out, to some non conventional ways of showing their feelings towards each other etc. The trailer ends with an elevator door closing as they frown at each other.

Some movies clips you see and you already know what is going to happened/happened. This was one of them. I knew there would not be much of a storyline or twists and turns. This was no Martin Scorsese film by no means.

This is what I figured happened:

-A seemingly odd girl meets a guy out of her league and falls for him.

-He falls for her.

-It doesn’t work out.